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Nous irons à Monte Carlo (1951) DVD

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Nous irons à Monte Carlo (1951) Director: Jean Boyer    Writers: Jean Boyer,  Alex Joffé   Stars: Ray Ventura,  Henri Génès,  Georges Lannes   Nous Irons a Monte Carlo guest-stars the Ray Ventura Band and French comedian Max Elloy (best remembered as the stateless refugee in Laurel and Hardy's Utopia). The thinnish storyline concerns a baby boy left in the care of Ventura's drummer. Unable to care for the child himself, the drummer leaves the bundle on Ventura's doorstep, claiming that it is the offspring of one of the other musicians. Unbeknownst to everyone but the audience, the baby is actually the son of a divorce-bound Hollywood actor and actress (John van Dreelen and Audrey Hepburn), who spend most of the film frantically searching for their missing offspring.