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Old Bill And Son (1941) DVD

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Old Bill And Son (1941) Director: Ian Dalrymple     Writers: Bruce Bairnsfather (screenplay),  Bruce Bairnsfather (story) Stars: Morland Graham,  John Mills,  Mary Clare         Cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfeather's woebegone WW1 British soldier Old Bill was revived for WW2 in Old Bill and Son. When his son Young Bill (John Mills) signs up for military duty against the Nazis, Old Bill (Morland Graham) tries to re-enlist as well. Turned down for the obvious reasons, Old Bill has trouble convincing anyone that he's of any use in the present conflict. The plot is, surprisingly, never resolved, suggesting that the producers couldn't come up with a logical ending and just gave up after 96 minutes. On the plus side, the film features the comic talents of Renee Houston, Nicholas Phipps and Gus McNaughton, who like stars John Mills and Morland Graham are heaps better than their material.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: