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Raymonda (1980) DVD

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Raymonda (1980) Stars: Irek Mukhamedov, Ludmilla Semenyaka           This three-act ballet boasts a score by Alexander Glazunov, filled with melody, color, and grand effects. Ludmilla Semenyaka is magnificent as the youthfully charming Raymonda and her gallant knight, Jean de Brienne, is portrayed by Irek Moukhamedov. This is a beautiful story of a young couple separated by Jean's commitment to aid King Andrei II on a campaign. In the midst of all of this, another would-be suitor a Saraceb knight, Abderakhman (played by Gedeminas Taranda) makes a bid for the hand of Raymonda. When she rejects him, he threatens to abduct her. Jean returns just in time to settle this problem in a proper duel. Abderakhman is handily defeated, and Raymonda and Jean are married at the court of King Andrei.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: