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Rhythm Romance (1939) DVD

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Rhythm Romance (1939) Director: George Archainbaud Writers: Ben Hecht (play), Gene Fowler (play) Stars: Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, Una Merkel   Rhythm Romance is the television title for the 1939 Bob Hope comedy Some Like It Hot (the change was made to avoid confusion with the 1959 Billy Wilder film of the same name). Hope plays a penny-ante carnival concessionaire with both eyes on the Main Chance. Exploiting the musical talents of his girl friend (Shirley Ross), Hope tries to bankroll a big-time stage show. The prospect of riches goes to Hope's head and loses him his girl, but the two are reunited before the film's 64 minutes run out. This minor Bob Hope/Shirley Ross vehicle was first filmed in 1934 as Shoot the Works, which in turn was based on The Great Magoo, a Broadway flop written by Ben Hecht.