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Rockin' In The Rockies (1945) DVD

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Rockin' in the Rockies (1945) Director: Vernon Keays    Writers: J. Benton Cheney (screenplay),  John Grey (screenplay)  Stars: The Three Stooges,  Moe Howard,  Larry Fine   Rancher Rusty Williams (Jay Kirby) is away at agricultural college, and leaves his spread in the hands of his older cousin Shorty (Moe Howard). Shorty wants to do more than run a ranch, however -- he wants to prospect for gold, but he has no money. He recruits a pair of partners in the guise of two runaway vagrants (Larry Fine, Curly Howard), and a pair of backers in two stranded singers (Mary Beth Hughes, Gladys Blake). But then Rusty shows up, and his four somewhat bumbling hired hands (who happen to be the performing group the Hoosier Hotshots) manage to compound Larry and Curly's deep ineptitude, and Rusty wants them all out of his hair. The story, such as it is, soon involves apparent rustling and the whole bunch's efforts (except Rusty) to audition for a Broadway producer (Tim Ryan), who is out west to take a rest from shows and performers.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: