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Sally In Our Alley (1931) DVD

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Sally In Our Alley (1931) Director: Maurice Elvey     Writers: Miles Malleson (screenplay),  Charles McEvoy (play)   Stars: Gracie Fields,  Ian Hunter,  Florence Desmond     This romantic war drama takes its title from the 18th century Henry Carey song about a plucky but poor girl waiting for her love's seven years of indentured servitude to end so they can wed. Like the heroine in the song, Sally Winch (Gracie Fields), a singer in a café, is in love with a young man, George Miles (Ian Hunter) but must wait for him to return from the service in order to marry. However, George's letters stop coming, and Sally fears that her betrothed has been killed. That's just what George wants Sally to think, because the truth is that he has been crippled in battle and is ashamed to face her. Eventually, George is shipped home. He and Sally reconcile, but then the couple faces another challenge, Florrie Small (Florence Desmond), who wants to break up the happy couple. The fourth film to use the title of Carey's song but the first that was a talkie, Sally in Our Alley (1931) made a star of vaudevillian Fields.      Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: