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Sea Fury (1958) DVD

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Sea Fury (1958) Director: Cy Endfield     Writers: Cy Endfield,  John Kruse     Stars: Stanley Baker,  Victor McLaglen,  Luciana Paluzzi   Victor McLaglen made his last film appearance in the British Sea Fury. McLaglen plays the brawny captain of a salvage vessel, while Stanley Baker is his second in command. The two men battle over the affections of South American beauty Luciana Paluzzi. Baker has the advantage, but Luciana's father disapproves. During the climactic rescue sequence, Baker proves his mettle, while McLaglen is permanently removed from the scene. Sea Fury was instrumental in the spectacular comeback of director Cyril Endfield, who'd been forced to flee Hollywood and seek out work in England thanks to the Blacklist.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: