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Sieben Ohrfeigen (1937) DVD

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Sieben Ohrfeigen (1937) Director: Paul Martin Writers: Bobby E. Lüthge (story), Paul Martin (screenplay) Stars: Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch, Alfred Abel   The title of this German musical translates as Seven Boxes on the Ear, referring to the painful punishment doled out to financier Anton Terbanks (Alfred Abel). Thanks to a run on Wall Street caused by Terbanks' financial finagling, Scotsman MacFab (Willy Fritsch) loses his life savings of seven pounds. Running directly to the newspapers, MacFab spreads the word that Terbanks is the enemy of the "little man." Hoping to avoid further embarrassment, Terbanks agrees to allow MacFab to box his ears in public every day for seven days -- then tries to figure a way to wriggle out of his agreement. The dilemma is resolved when MacFab falls in love with Terbanks' daughter Daisy (Lillian Harvey), but not before she herself is clobbered on the ear at least once.           Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: