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Sitting on the Moon (1936) DVD

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Sitting on the Moon (1936) Director: Ralph Staub Writers: Raymond L. Schrock (screenplay), Rex Taylor (adaptation) Stars: Roger Pryor, Grace Bradley, William Newell   At their best, the Republic musicals of the 1930s could hold their own against anything turned out by MGM or Warner Bros. Republic's Sitting on the Moon is an excellent showcase for second-echelon stars Roger Pryor and Grace Bradley, here cast as songwriter Danny West and fading movie star Polly Blair. Hoping to jump-start Polly's career, Danny breaks up his partnership with lyricist Mike (William Newell), who finds some comfort in the arms of Polly's wisecracking pal Mattie (Pert Kelton). Hoping to tear Danny away from Polly, Mike contrives to have blonde seductress Blossom (Joyce Compton) pretend to be Mike's sweetheart, but all misunderstandings are forgotten during the climactic musical production numbers.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: