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Song of India (1949) DVD

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Song of India (1949) Director: Albert S. Rogell Writers: Jerome Odlum (story), Art Arthur Stars: Sabu, Gail Russell, Turhan Bey   East Indian actor Sabu goes through his usual paces in Columbia's Song of India. Sabu plays Ramdar, prince of a jungle tribe, who comes into conflict with Indian maharajah Gopal (Turhan Bey). At the behest of the British government, Gopal has been trapping wild animals and selling them to zoos. Ramdar finds this offensive, and does his utmost to free the jungle beasts and undermine Gopal's activities. Leading lady Gail Russell plays Princess Tara, Gopal's beloved, whom Ramdar kidnaps and holds hostage to keep the maharajah at bay. Appropriately, the film's musical score is adapted from Rimsky-Korsakov's "Song of India." Original prints were released in Sepiatone.