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Spotlight Scandals (1943) DVD

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Spotlight Scandals (1943) Director: William Beaudine     Writers: William Beaudine (story),  Beryl Sachs (story)     Stars: Billy Gilbert,  Frank Fay,  Bonnie Baker   Also known as Spotlight Revue, in this musical comedy, a vaudevillian teams up with a barber and becomes a smash hit. The barber also finds himself falling in love with his talented partner. When he learns that she has a shot at becoming a famous radio singer, he decides to go solo. Eventually, the woman gets herself into a real fix. Fortunately, the barber comes to save her. The lovers are reunited and happiness ensues. Songs include "The Restless Age" (Ed Rose, Abe Olman), "Goodnight Now," "The Lilac Tree," "Tempo of the Trail," "Oh Johnny."     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: