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Spy In White (1936) DVD

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Spy In White (1936) Director: Andrew Marton     Writers: Laslo Benedek (adaptation),  George A. Hill (novel) Stars: Valerie Hobson,  Frank Vosper,  James Mason      In this actioner, two guards lose their jobs after they start a fight with a lascivious Arab prince who tries to seduce one of their girl friends. Fortunately, the girl friend's father is thankful and gives her love a job managing one of his tobacco warehouses in Turkey. Unfortunately, he meets a beautiful Russian girl there and soon falls in love. Later he learns that she is being used by the prince who is conspiring to take over the Turkish government. Later his ex-partner and his girl come to Turkey to help him stop the prince. Action ensues, but in the end the prince is defeated and Turkey is saved. In 1940, the film was reissued as The Spy in White.      Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: