Sweater Girl (1942) DVD
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Sweater Girl (1942) DVD

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Sweater Girl (1946)

Director: William Clemens

Writers: Robert Blees, Beulah Marie Dix (story)

Stars: Eddie Bracken, June Preisser, Phillip Terry  

Sweater Girl is a remake of 1935's College Scandal, and like its predecessor is that rare bird, a "musical mystery". Someone is stalking a midwestern college campus, murdering students left and right. Among the victims is campus radio personality Miles Tucker (Kenneth Howell) and aspiring composer Johnny Arnold (Johnnie Johnston). If this keeps up, there won't be anyone left to stage the annual college musical-and that would be disastrous! Without giving the game away, it can be noted that solution of the mystery is not unlike that of the first Friday the 13th film of the 1980s (minus the blood and gore, of course). Amidst all this merry mayhem, two choice Frank Loesser song hits are spotlighted: the amusingly provocative "I Said No" and the enduring standard "I Don't Want to Walk Without You."

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