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The Affairs of Susan (1945) DVD

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The Affairs of Susan (1945) Director: William A. Seiter     Writers: Thomas Monroe (screenplay),  László Görög (screenplay)   Stars: Joan Fontaine,  George Brent,  Dennis O'Keefe         It all begins when popular actress Susan Darrell (JOAN FONTAINE) returns from a USO tour to marry business exectuive Richard Aiken (Walter Abel). During his bachelor party, Aiken commisserates with Susan's ex-husband, Broadway producer Roger Berton (George Brent), and two of her former sweethearts, lumberman Mike Ward (DON DEFORE) and novelist Bill Anthony (DENNIS O'KEEFE). Each man recalls his experiences with Susan-and each has an entirely different impression of the girl's personality! While trying to determine who the "real" Susan is, her three previous beaux decide that the stuffy Aiken is not for her. Indeed, Susan does reconsider her impending marriage in order to renew her romance with one of her earlier amours, but it wouldn't be fair to reveal which one. An amusing distaff variation on Citizen Kane (with a bit of Rashomon thrown in), The Affairs of Susan is a tour de farce for JOAN FONTAINE, called upon to essay four different interpretation of the same character.