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The Baby And The Battleship (1956) DVD

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The Baby And The Battleship (1956) Director: Jay Lewis     Writers: Anthony Thorne (novel),  Jay Lewis (screenplay)  Stars: John Mills,  Richard Attenborough,  André Morell    British sailors John Mills and Richard Attenborough would like to take Neopolitan lass Lisa Gastoni out on a date. But Gastoni can't leave the house unless her baby brother tags along. During a rowdy evening on the town, Mills is forced to sneak the infant on board his ship. When Gastoni and Attenborough arrive to claim the kid, they find that the ship has already sailed. Essentially a British Abbott & Costello picture, Baby and the Battleship manages to deliver a sufficient supply of hearty chuckles. The film was based on a somewhat subtler novel by Anthony Thorne.