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The Black Pirates (1954)

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The Black Pirates (1954) Director: Allen H. Miner Writers: Fred Freiberger, Johnston McCulley (story) Stars: Anthony Dexter, Martha Roth, Lon Chaney Jr.   1954's The Black Pirates stars Anthony Dexter, who three years earlier hadn't quite set box-office records afire with his portrayal of Rudolph Valentino. Dexter heads a band of pirates who land in a sleepy Mexican village. A buried treasure is rumored to be somewhere in the vicinity, and the pirates want to get their grimy mitts on it. They enslave the villagers and force them to dig for the treasure. Black Pirates was written by Fred Freiberger, the man later responsible for the up-and-down third season of TV's Star Trek. It was filmed on location in Mexico and released stateside by Lippert Films.   Explore more DVDs at the Queensbury Store.