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The Mississippi Gambler (1953) DVD

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The Mississippi Gambler (1953) Director: Rudolph Maté     Writer: Seton I. Miller     Stars: Tyrone Power,  Piper Laurie,  Julie Adams   1953's The Mississippi Gambler was the third Universal Studios film to bear this title--though with a different plot each time. Tyrone Power plays an all-around adventurer who cuts quite a swath through antebellum New Orleans. In between scenes of gambling, fist-fighting and swordplay, Power woos Piper Laurie, who chooses to marry wealthy Ron Randell; in turn, Powrr is wooed by Julie Adams, whose ardor is not reciprocated. The climax finds Power in a card table showdown with Ms. Laurie's ill-tempered brother John Baer. Mississippi Gambler is consistently good to look at, even when the storyline threatens to snap under the pressure.                            Here is the link to the movie at the Interner Movie database: