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The Runaround (1946) DVD

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The Runaround (1946) Director: Charles Lamont     Writers: Sam Hellman,  Arthur T. Horman (screenplay) Stars: Ella Raines,  Rod Cameron,  Broderick Crawford   The Runaround is a game attempt to return to the "screwball comedy" genre so popular in the 1930s. Rival detectives Kildane (Rod Cameron) and Prentice (Broderick Crawford) are hired simultaneously by millionaire Norman Hampton (Samuel J. Hinds). Their client informs the two gumshoes that he has a daughter named Penelope (Ella Raines) who has run off to get married, and he wants her back. After a chase extended from New York to San Francisco, Kildane manages to get the better of Prentice and catches with to Penelope. The two antagonists then embark on a riotous cross-country tug-of-war, with poor Penelope in the middle. Only upon returning to New York with Penelope does Kildane discover that he's been deliberately sent on the wrong track by Hampton, whose interest in the heroine-who isn't all that she seems--is anything but paternal. Throughout The Runaround, Ella Raines seems far too intelligent to be involved in the silly goings-on, and thoroughly undeserving of the rather rough treatment afforded her by her two leading men. Even so, the film is a pleasant diversion, with a satisfying (if not altogether logical) conclusion.