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The Second Greatest Sex (1955) DVD

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The Second Greatest Sex (1955) Director: George Marshall     Writers: Charles Hoffman (written for the screen by),  Aristophanes (play)     Stars: Jeanne Crain,  George Nader,  Kitty Kallen   This musical is a contemporary version of Aristophanes' ancient play Lysistrata. Instead of Greece, this play is centered in the town of Osawkie, Kansas and centers on the feuds between the men there and those of nearby towns. They are fighting over the possession of a safe filled with important county records. The women, sick of all the fighting, band together, lock themselves in a fortress and refuse to make any form of love with the brutes until they stop. They do, and prairie love blossoms. Songs include: "Lysistrata," "Send Us a Miracle," "My Love Is Yours," "Travellin' Man," "What Good Is a Woman Without a Man?" "There's Gonna Be a Wedding," "The Second Greatest Sex," "How Lonely Can I Get?"      Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: