The Thrill of Brazil (1946) DVD
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The Thrill of Brazil (1946) DVD

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The Thrill of Brazil (1946)

Director: S. Sylvan Simon

Writers: Harry Clork, Devery Freeman

Stars: Evelyn Keyes, Keenan Wynn, Ann Miller  

This A-minus musical stars Evelyn Keyes in the uncharacteristically comic role of Vicki Dean, the divorce-bound wife of theatrical impresario Steve Farraugh (Keenan Wynn). While mounting a big musical spectacular in Brazil, Farraugh simultaneously campaigns to win back his wife. The couple encounters romantic interference from tap-dancer Linda Lorens (Ann Miller) and Latin American singing heartthrob Tito Guizar (as himself). Nothing new here, but the cast puts over the material with such enthusiasm that the film seems better than it is. The highlight is Ann Miller's energetic specialty number "Man is Brother to a Mule" (it makes sense in context!)

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