...und abends in die Scala (1958) DVD
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...und abends in die Scala (1958) DVD

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...und abends in die Scala (1958)

Director: Erik Ode

Writers: Curth Flatow, Answald Krüger (screenplay)

Stars: Caterina Valente, Gerhard Riedmann, Ruth Stephan  

Gloria del Castro is a successful record star, whose voice entchants the world.  But till now, no one has seen her face.  Even the tabloid reporters haven’t been able to get a photograph of the singer.  Only her manager, Spadolini, knows the star’s secret:  Gloria’s real name is Yvette and she’s the wife of the French Minister for Family Affairs, who has no idea about the double life his wife is leading.  The minister would never approve of his wife’s career choice.  When a marital crisis between the two raises its ugly head, manager Spadolini crosses his fingers that there’ll be a divorce, so that Gloria (Yvette) can finally appear in public.  He hastily signs a contract for her at the new Berlin “Scala”, but the pair reconciles and Gloria has no intention of appearing in public.  Now the manager’s in deep you-know-what and his desperation leads him to forge a deal:  Instead of the famous Gloria del Castro, a little fish will take her place under the same name.  Naturally, this will lead to total chaos.