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Under The Red Robe (1937) DVD

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Under The Red Robe (1937) Director: Victor Sjöström     Writers: Lajos Biró (screenplay),  Philip Lindsay (screenplay)  Stars: Conrad Veidt,  Annabella,  Raymond Massey        Famed Swedish director Victor Sjostrom was coaxed out of retirement to direct his final film, Under the Red Robe, a swashbuckling adventure that takes place in the France of Louis XIII. Conrad Veidt stars as Gil de Berault, quick with his sword yet set for execution. But right before his sentence is carried out, Cardinal Richelieu (Raymond Massey) offers a stay of execution if Gil will find and kill a duke suspected of leading the revolutionary antimonarchist Huguenots. Gil tracks the duke to a castle, sneaks into the guarded fortress, and ends up falling in love with the duke's sister, Lady Marguerite (Anabella). Gil now has to save the duke without bringing about his own execution.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: