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What's Buzzin', Cousin? (1943) DVD

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What's Buzzin', Cousin? (1943) Director: Charles Barton Writers: Aben Kandel (story), John P. Medbury (additional dialogue) Stars: Ann Miller, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, John Hubbard   Ann Miller goes through her usual twinkle-toed paces in the quickie Columbia musical What's Buzzin', Cousin? The pencil-thin plotline involves attorney Jimmie Ross (John Hubbard), who moonlights as a singer with the Freddie Martin Orchestra. Using his legal and showbiz know-how, Jimmie revitalizes a broken-down hotel owned by Ann Crawford (Ann Miller) and her family. Musical highlights include Freddie Martin's swing rendition of Liszt's second Hungarian Rhapsody, and Ann Miller's terpsichorial interpretation of the bond-rally standard "18.75." Were it not for the presence of Miller and Martin, What's Buzzin' Cousin? would be utterly forgettable.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: