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You Can't Ration Love (1944) DVD

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You Can't Ration Love (1944) Director: Lester Fuller Writers: Muriel Roy Bolton (story), Val Burton (screenplay) Stars: Betty Jane Rhodes, Johnny Johnston, Marjorie Weaver   In this WW II musical, a group of lovely college co-eds, realizing that there is a shortage of single young men, decide to begin rationing their dates so that all of them can have some fun. This is beneficial for the campus wimp who suddenly finds himself the hottest property on campus. Romantic and musical mayhem ensues. Songs include: "Love Is This" (Jerry Seelen, Lester Lee, sung by Johnston, Lee), "Ooh-Ah-Oh," "Look What You Did to Me" (Seelen, Lee), "How Did It Happen?" (Seelen, Lee) and "Louise" (Leo Robin, Richard A. Whiting).