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You're The One (1941) DVD

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You're The One (1941) Director: Ralph Murphy Writer: Gene Markey (screenplay) Stars: Bonnie Baker, Orrin Tucker, Albert Dekker   Bandleader Orrin Tucker and his featured vocalist "Wee" Bonnie Baker are the stars of the Paramount pocket musical You're the One. It all begins when showbiz agent Joe Frink (Edward Everett Horton) tries to get Baker a singing job with baton-wielder Luke Laramie (Albert Dekker). Part of the scheme involves a trip to a screwy health spa, managed by the even screwier Dr. Colonna (Jerry Colonna, of course) As everyone in the audience had figured out in Reel One, Bonnie ends up singing with the Tucker aggregation, while Frink and Laramie stew on the sidelines. Among the musical highlights in You're the One is Bonnie Baker's signature tune, "Oh, Johnnie, Oh."   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: